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Business Catalyst is an integrated suite of cloud-based business software for small & medium-sized enterprises. Software includes ERP Solutions, CRM, Project Management, HRMS, Invoicing and Enterprise Mobile Apps. Be it for managing key business processes, productivity boosts or simply to solve a pressing issue, we are always up to the challenge. Our proprietary suite of software solutions help service-based SMEs like education centres, spas and logistics companies.

Made for SMEs
As a SME, we understand that your needs are different and so is your budget when it comes to upgrading your business software systems. This is why we start by understanding your needs and then delivering on our promise of cost-effective yet game-changing software solutions.

100% Customisable
Every business operates differently and tend to have its own unique quirks. At Business Catalyst, we don’t force you in a box and insist on a one-size-fits-all solution. Enjoy the best of both worlds – make use of our existing software that comes with the flexibility to customise.

For Service-based SMEs
We chose our focus to be service-based SMEs because they tend to be under-served in a market full of software serving product-based companies, and also tend to have their own unique needs. The clients we serve include education centres, spas & salons.

All The Modules You Need On A Unified Platform

Choose from a Variety of Modules, on One Connected Interface, Customised To Your Company’s Needs

Explore Solutions By Industry

Industry-Specific Packaged Solutions Based on Modules From The Business Software Suite:


What is ERP Software?
ERP stands for "Enterprise Resource Planning". ERP software integrates all of your major business processes, which helps ensure consistent data across all your departments. ERP applications typically consist of modules such as CRM, Appointment Booking, Project Management, Inventory, Procurement, Human Resources, Finance, and Accounting.
Our ERP business solution fully integrates ERP and CRM (customer relationship management) capabilities to help you effectively manage and automate all of your financial, sales and service processes quickly, easily and affordably.
Does my company require an ERP Software?
Any company which requires a PROCESS to work would be an ideal candidate for ERP Software. So it can range from Product-based companies big and small, from a small pencil manufacturer to a Boeing manufacturer. And even for Serviced-based businesses such as tuition centres and spas.
In particular, any company that sees the value in streamlining management functions like scheduling, timesheet, payroll, invoicing, accounting, sales, inventory management and so on. Here are a few questions to get you started on evaluating your company's need for ERP software:
  • Is your company burdened by multiple softwares and data sources that you can't integrate with?
  • Are you losing precious man-hours by doing repetitive admin work and business planning throughout your enterprise?
  • Are the various business procedures getting to be more than what your current ERP system can handle?
If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then your enterprise may want to consider investing in Business Catalyst Software Suite.
Even SMEs with 5 people are implementing ERP software to ensure added capabilities and to add value to both staff and clients alike. However, most SMEs won’t be able to afford nor do they require complex systems where 80% of the features are not likely to be used. That’s where we come in to propose a customised software solution for our clients that suits their needs 100% and is cost-effective at the same time.
Does my company require an Industry-Specific ERP System?
Choosing an industry-specific solution over a more generalised software package will provide a company with a higher-level of control and management over their data, specific functionality, as well as better support from the vendor's staff who are knowledgeable about industry-specific issues.
Also, due to the exposure that the vendor has to other players in your industry, new features can be rolled out and existing systems continually improved over time.
What makes Business Catalyst ERP & CRM software better?
One common question we get from our clients is how do your software solutions compare with big-brand companies like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP etc. A closer study on the existing software solutions on the market today reveal that a lot of users experience an overload of features in what we call "bloated software". Consequently, this leads to a lack of user adoption due to the steep learning curve required in training staff and difficulties in getting them to use and update the system regularly.
Due to the sheer size of these companies, many are also unable to implement a customised feature specifically just for a small group of clients. This generalised nature associated with such big name software brands thus typically due not bode well with not only the needs of local SMEs as well as their relatively small budgets available to spend on such ERP Software.
What a local company like us makes up in terms of size, is the agility and speed of implementation. A local provider like Business Catalyst for example, would be able to have on-site consultations to arrive eventually at a 100% tailored solution. Ongoing support is also done locally which streamlines the ongoing process in maintaining and servicing the software systems. And with our suite of cloud-based Business Software in the form of a modular approach, there isn't a more cost-effective way to either replace an aged software system or to start afresh with a new system.
How secure is my data in the software applications?
We treat our client's data with the highest degree of security by having SSL data encryption and by restricting access to the web application by IP address. All our software applications are powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), a leader in cloud computing. Daily backups to your system are also done.
How do you license your software?
Like all ERP software, Business Catalyst Applications are licensed, not sold.  Unlike other ERP software, our applications are licensed on a per company basis, meaning that the number of concurrent users which can access the system is unlimited.  This is an advantage to the growing enterprise because your yearly ERP budget is fixed and not dependent on the addition of users as your business expands.
How long do ERP implementations take?
The actual installation of Business Catalyst ERP software can be done within 1-2 working weeks by experienced IT staff. However, keep in mind that implementation of any ERP solution would include importing old data from various sources into the new system, the integration and testing of the ERP system with existing software, staff training on the use of the new system, and the completion of any customisations. Companies also usually find it worthwhile to take time at the beginning of the ERP implementation process to review their current business practices, to effectively identify the areas that can be streamlined.


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